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asus x44h install problem.

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asus x44h with i3(2350m cpu) intel hd 3000 graphic gpu, 4 gb ddr3 1333 mhz, 320 gb hdd 5400 rpm, dvd unit, atheros wireless and 14 inch monitor.can i run /install mac mountain lion ,to have a nice good experience with him?


got k84l motherboard.

i tryed iatakos l2 and l2m.

with l2 cd instaler boot ,but at press any key to start setup get stucked.

i tryed with an original cd,with ###### 1.5 but it didn't worked..

ideeas PLEASE?

i got the latest bios versio acpi/sata enabled on bios.


i extracted using ubuntu 12.04 dsdt using this sintax:

cat /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT > dsdt.aml


iasl -d dsdt.aml


how do i use them?

here are my dsdt.aml files. (two of them)





thank you in advance.

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Part 2 - Creating the installer

2.A. Preparing the USB

1. In your working OS X install open Disk Utility

i don't have any....

N.B. For details of specific hardware compatibility see the hardware compatibility list (HCL) in the wiki:



my cpu/mainboard aren't listed there (yet) this model of laptop was lounced by asus this year..and this one is ain't that popular though.it's a pretty powerfull machine..

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