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Samsung 700G7A

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I recently bought a Samsung 700G7A gaming laptop and have been trying to get OSX to work on it.

Currently, I have been able to install Mountain Lion, and the first thing I'd like to get worked out is the graphics card... I have an AMD Radeon HD6970M (which I understand is also used in some orginal Apple hardware), but I can't get it to work properly with QE/CI enabled: if I boot with GraphicsEnabler=No, I get 1024x768 video output, while with GraphicsEnabler=Yes I get full HD 1920x1080 graphics, but the card is still not recognized (and shows in system information as "Monitor 7MB".

I have been looking for appropriate kexts to install, but failed to find any; it should also be noted that it is possible that Samsung made "something" to the card which prevents it from being correctly recognized: even under windows, if I try to install the drivers through the "official" catalyst installer, it says that I don't have a supported card, and I have to use the drivers provided by Samsung itself.

So, has anybody suggestions on how to get this video card to work properly?

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