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Update ML 10.8.2

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On my computer everything ok :king:








Compatibility of any additional kext (already running on 10.8 and 10.8.1):





1) Sleepenabler : OK



2) NullCPUPowerManagement: OK



3) ACPISensors: OK



4) FintekF718x: OK



5) IntelCPUMonitor: OK



6) ITEIT87x: OK



7) NSCPC8739x: OK



8) NuvotonNCT677x: OK



9) NVClockX: OK



10) WinbondW836x: OK



11) OemSMBIOS: REMOVE ITotherwise the startup screen will stuck on the apple logo

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No, not the smbios.plist. The OemSMBIOS is a kext that resides in the plugin folder in some FAKESMC.kexts. Go to FAKESMC.kext, right click, select ShowContents. Open the Plugins folder and if the OemSMBIOS kext is present, delete it. Close out, and repair permissions from DiskUtility. Do this before the 10.8.2 upgrade or you get a KP on reboot after instaling the update.

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Everything was good for me except I had to fix my audio. And re-ran Geekbench and noticed a HUGE drop, from 7431 to 7043. Hoping its graphics drivers. PS used the combo update.

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For my case with ga-z77x-up5 th

- Need to roll back AppleACPIPlatform.kext (else my vmware fusion will not work if i disable Intel Vt-d in bios).

- If Intel Vt-d is disable then roll back of AppleACPIPlatform.kext is not necessary.(Better fix, anyone ?)

- re-enabler trim support for ssd



- I have "IOUSBFamily did not receive enough extra current for the SuperSpeed device (4-Port USB 3.0 Hub) at 0x14c00000, asked for 400mA but got 0 mA" error message from console. The USB port not charging iPad.


Temporary fixed - roll back to 10.8.1 IOUSBFamily.kext (Better fix, anyone ?)

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Hi chaps! :chef:


Since 10.8.0 there was no CMOS reset after sleep but after the 10.8.2 update I had to patch my AppleRTC :moil:. Now, everything seems to be right.


Cheers! :king:

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Hi everyone, is there anyone who had this issue? this line gives me a black screen "<key>EthernetBuiltIn</key>

<string>Yes</string>", once I remove it from org.chameleon.boot.plist I can get a normal boot. Using -v I can see that the display would turn black after the "powermanagement". Hoping you guys can help me. TIA


my build:

Asrock Z77 Pro4-M

i5 3570K

8GB G.SKILL 2400

Sparkle GTX580

90GB OCZ vertex 3

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