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10.8.1 and ALC202A audio

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Hello again!


I have a pretty solid install at the moment. There's just one thing that is starting to bother me a bit. Every time I restart, or power down, it's a gamble as to whether or not I'll get into OS X again with just one boot. The ONLY way I have found to get audio fully working, is to use Voodoo (Terrible way, I know!) I searched high and low for a way to use anything but voodoo. Nothing I could find worked, most things broke the installation. Problem with Voodoo is, sometimes you'll boot right up, sometimes you'll kernel panic 20 or 30 times before you get in. Making it even harder, the panics are NEVER the same. They are always different when they happen. So it's not as if there is a constant panic I can google. Once it's up and running, it's rock solid, has absolutely no flaws, and it never crashes.


Does anyone know of a solution to get AppleHDA working for the ALC202A or at least a way to get Voodoo to behave better? I've searched and searched, and tried SO many different things, at this point I'm probably reaching so much that I've missed something. My machine doesn't use any kind of custom DSDT, if that makes a difference.


MSI n1996 Motherboard

ALC202A audio

Intel i7 3.4GHz Sandy Bridge

MSI NVIDIA GTX560Ti 2GB video card


OS X 10.8.1

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AppleHDA is not on the system anymore, I removed it when I installed voodoo! Will use another hard drive and see if there's any difference using a disabler vs. removing it. Thanks!!

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Still having a hell of a time with this... Anyone know of a good card to buy that is painless to use with 10.8.2 if not a fix for this issue? Thanks again!

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