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Hack on Supermicro X9Dai + NVIDIA QUADRO 600 & 4000


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Hey All,


I am attempting to Hackint0sh my rig with the tutorial listed here http://www.insanelym...pic=280756&st=0,

and am running in to trouble.


Have created the bootable USB and attempted to install from it.

First time in -v mode gave me PCI Configuration Begin hang

Second time with npci=0x3000 and -v and I made it a little further but not to installation.


Can anyone point me in the right direction?

My system specs are as follows:


Mobo: Supermicro x9DAi

CPU's: Intel Xeon E5-2630's


VIDEO: NVIDIA Quadro 600 & 4000

RED Rocket Card

HDD's: 1x 120gb Corsair Force 3 SSD

1x 240gb OCZ Agility 4 SSD

1x 2TB WD Caviar HD


I know this can become a monster Hack rig for video transcoding, but I need some pointers from you intelligent people!




Forgot to mention that I have been trying with current Mountain Lion retail release.


Have tried PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x200 & GraphicsEnabler=Yes along with AHCIPortInjector.kext and it boots for a while then I lose the screen.??

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Just got it to the install page.....

Was getting a black screen, but upon changing the DVI output from the NVIDIA Quadro 600, which is in PCI Slot 5 to the Quadro 4000 in PCI Slot 1, I have an image and can install!!

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That's my experience as well.  The DVI out works on the Quadro 600.

As an FYI to those with weird hardware like mine:  I just finished a clover install of Yosemite 10.10.5 with my card.  To get this to work at all, I had to disable the IG on my MSI Z77A-G41 board.  I also turned down the PCIE from v 3 to v2 on the main board slot.  I'm going to experiment further with this as I just managed to get this system installed completely.  (The hard part was realizing that I needed to bootstrap things a little more complex then the basic Clover UEFI install tutorial, etc, etc.  Also the restarting twice thing in the middle of the install is also…disconcerting to say the least.)  Anyhoo, I'll let you all know if I get full graphics capabilities on the Quadro 600.  So far, I've seen no evidence that anyone has reported full success with this on 10.10.5…hopefully I'll be able to do full bench testing with the card tomorrow (or later in the week; pretty exhausted from the effort to get this working the past two days!

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