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Clover v.2 Instructions

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Reboot to Windows UEFI from Mac


If you successfully installed two system using my instructions at post #46 then this is for you.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.57.49.png

Click on restart and really restarted into Windows!

But some prerequisites.


1. Make Windows partition to be writable. I wrote a line into file /etc/fstab

LABEL=Windows none ntfs rw,auto,nobrowse

2. Place mach_kernel and empty folder /System/Library/CoreServices/ to the drive.


I am not sure if something else needed. The instruction will be corrected after a more experience.


In boot.log I see the follow related

4:094  0:066  Loading nvram.plist from Vol 'MacHD' - loaded, size=2053
4:104  0:009  PutNvramPlistToRtVars ...
4:104  0:000   Adding Key: BootCampHD: Size = 30, Data: 02 01 0C 00 D0 41 08 0A 00 00 00 00 01 01 06 00 02 1F 03 01 08 00 01 00 00 00 7F FF 04 00

4:104  0:000   Adding Key: efi-boot-device: String: Size = 489, Val = '<array><dict><key>MemoryType</key><integer size="64">0xb</integer><key>StartingAddress</key><integer size="64">0xffe00000</integer><key>IOEFIDevicePathType</key><string>HardwareMemoryMapped</string><key>EndingAddress</key><integer size="64">0xffefffff</integer></dict><dict><key>IOEFIDevicePathType</key><string>MediaFirmwareVolumeFilePath</string><key>Guid</key><string>2B0585EB-D8B8-49A9-8B8C-E21B01AEF2B7</string></dict><dict><key>IOEFIBootOption</key><string>HD</string></dict></array>'
4:104  0:000   Adding Key: efi-boot-device-data: Size = 48, Data: 01 03 18 00 0B 00 00 00 00 00 E0 FF 00 00 00 00 FF FF EF FF 00 00 00 00 04 06 14 00 EB 85 05 2B B8 D8 A9 49 8B 8C E2 1B 01 AE F2 B7 7F FF 04 00

4:309  0:004  GetEfiBootDeviceFromNvram:got efi-boot-device-data size=48
4:309  0:000 
4:309  0:000   efi-boot-device-data: MemoryMapped(0xB,0xFFE00000,0xFFEFFFFF)\FvFile(2B0585EB-D8B8-49A9-8B8C-E21B01AEF2B7)
4:309  0:000   BootCampHD: PcieRoot(0x0)\Pci(0x1F,0x2)\Ata(0x0)
4:309  0:000   Volume: 'PcieRoot(0x0)\Pci(0x1F,0x2)\Ata(0x0)'
4:309  0:000   LoaderPath: '<null string>'
4:309  0:000   volume: disk = PcieRoot(0x0)\Pci(0x1F,0x2)\Ata(0x0)
4:309  0:000   searching for that disk
4:309  0:000    found disk as volume 1. 'Whole Disc Boot'
4:309  0:000   searching for first entry with win loader or win partition on that disk
4:309  0:000    found loader entry 0. 'Boot Microsoft EFI boot from EFI', Volume 'EFI', '\EFI\microsoft\Boot\bootmgfw.efi'
4:309  0:000  Boot redirected to Entry 0. 'Boot Microsoft EFI boot from EFI'

We may notice next conditions:

  Usage of nvram.plist. So Clover scripts must be enabled. This is legacy Clover and I don't know if the same is possible with hardware NVRAM.


We see Clover successfully recognized boot entry left by Mac OS 10.7.5 to boot from bootmgfw.efi!

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Deprecated features


Since Clover v2.4k some technologies will be deprecated, no more supported and will be excluded in future releases.

1. Clover 32bit.   Good bye Clover-32 

2. LegacyBoot. (PBR, PBRTest, PBRSata etc). This is a technology to boot Windows XP from CloverGUI.

It's a pity it rarely works. For my observation the success was only on PATA controllers at ICH7 chipset.

I will recommend to update your Windows  to UEFI one. At least Windows 7-64bit which successfully works on Core2Duo computers 10years old.

I don't think I should bother about more ancient one.

As well the good solution in using Chameleon which boots Windows XP very well.

- install boot1f32alt bootsector which wait 2sec for key press.

- install boot as Clover and boot1 as Chameleon.

- press "1" during boot to switch to Chameleon and boot WindowsXP from him.

3. Installation on Fdisk Partitioning Scheme HDD (also known as MBR table).

I will recommend always format your drive to Guid Partitioning Sheme (also known as GPT). You can install here Windows in UEFI mode even if your computer is PC BIOS based using legacy CloverEFI. (see comp#4 in my signature).

Instructions Post#46 How to install Windows UEFI

4. ATIConnectors patch.

It's a pity this patch can't be OS dependent.

See, for example, connectors for 10.11

Personality: Pithecia
ConnectorInfo count in decimal: 3
Disk offset in decimal 176512
00040000040300000001000021030204 - Dp
04000000140200000001000000000403 - DVI
10000000100000000001000000000001 - VGA

and for 10.12

Pithecia (2) @ 0x1b54e0

So, you should migrate your existing patch from the old form


To new form KextPatches

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.59.44.png

This way you can create several patches for different OSes.

10.6-10.7  ATI6000Controller

10.8-10.12 AMD6000Controller

And different find/replace strings for 10.12


5. OldWay DSDT patches.

Since rev4006 the parameter NewWay is excluded.  #52 

It is always NewWay now.

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