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How to achieve sleep mode on my Acer Aspire M3800?


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Greetings. My first post. First of all, let me apologize for being a complete noob.


I have been able to install Mountain Lion on my M3800 and so far have most everything working except for sleep mode. When I try to go to "sleep", the screen goes white with a small square where the mouse pointer is and that's it. The fans and drives are still running. I can exit this mode by pressing the mouse button.


I've been reading a lot and trying just about everything. I tried an updated sleepenabler.kext for ML but it just causes a kernel panic. The very limited BIOS is set to S3 mode. All sorts of different boot flags don't change anything.


What I have now is a patched DSDT that I created by extracting the existing DSDT and patching it with a file that is on Mald0n's site for the M5800 motherboard (same as M3800). I removed nullcpupower.kext and sleepenabler.kext. Even after all this "sleep" mode still the same as before.


I've played around with this for a while and it's possible that in all my fumbling I might have missed something. I'd like to start from square-one on this sleep problem and do this methodically. Any ideas? Thanks.




Acer Aspire M3800

Dual core Pentium E5200

4 gb DDR

Intel G43 xpress chipset.

Intel X4500MHD onboard graphics (unsupported, used in VESA mode)

ALC888 audio (works well)

Realtek 8111 gigabit ethernet (working but needed appleintelE1000e to work for some reason)

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