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Lost BIOS in Acer Aspire 5750G


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Hi, first of all here are my specs:


Acer Aspire 5750G

Intel Core i7 2630QM


nVidia GeForce GT 540M Optimus

Intel HD 3000 Integrated Graphics



I was mucking around with the BIOS and managed to disable the nVidia card and allocate no VRAM to the Intel HD Graphics hence turning off both graphics cards... :(


So now my laptop does not show any screen, I have tried restoring the BIOS with a USB and FN + ESC but that did not work.

As I have been trying to re-install the BIOS I think I may now have a corrupt one.


I am now looking at shorting the CMOS Jumper but not sure how and if this will work?!

I have found diffrent threads online saying to do this with a screwdriver and others not to use one.


I'm wondering what other peoples view is on this, as currently I have no system!!!


Thank you

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Notebooks don't always have a CMOS jumper like desktop.

You should try to search for the CMOS battery on the motherboard, also if you would probably have to disassemble the whole notebook, and remove it for about 5 minutes, so the bios, remaining with no power, will return to the stock setting.

Hope this helped ^^

Good luck ;)

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