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Intel d945gclf2 Rackmount - My server has crashed - Can't fix - Time vs Money


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Hi all,


So my hackitosh Intel d945gclf2 based mobo has finally (software crashed) after I was trying to sort out some resolution issues.


I made this server about 2 years ago and for some reason thought now would be a good time to modify it. Having started making osx86 computers when I was a student with plenty of time, I'm now working part time (2 different jobs) and doing a full time Masters degree (Product Design in case you are interested) and simply have no time to tinker and play in the same way I used to.


I recall spending literally days hacking kexts and other bits of the apple system files to get the OS running and now that it's failed, i can be certain that those hours will not be available to me at any time in the next 12 months.


Here's the thing, I really need that server to be running. It's not mission critical but I use it in a number of capacities , a NAS drive for Sonos, Video streamer for ipad, torrent box, audio renderer, Time Machine etc


My options.


1) Take out HD out my of my custom 19" sweet rackmount server and put into a crappy usb caddy to get the files off. - Not ideal as it leaves me with a load of wasted hardware that I will have no use for.


2) Commit a few hours and get it working again - not an option because this is like gambling. Once you have committed a few hours you say to you self, "Well I've got this far, I will just spend 2 more hours trying to get it working before I give up" To which I will spend 8 more hours.


3) a) Pay the 'professionals'. My preferred option. Now, I'm unsure as to the rules of this but I would be happy to pay someone to receive my HD via post, install the OS (assuming they have the same aforementioned MOBO) and I will remunerate this individual appropriately. Now, I'm not rich, I am still a student but if this is something anyone would be interested in, then you will be saving my ass and a pooload of my time.

B) I have very easy access to a number of laser cutters so I could pay you in laser cutting time. I can cut plastics to 10mm max. No metal.


4) Someone buys my hardware off me and I go and buy a cheap NAS instead - Have a look at the pics and see if you are interested. (This isn't the place to post this kind of thing I know)



System Specs are;


Intel D945GCLF2 Atom 330 (Dual Core 1.6)

2GB Ram ( Need to double check brand but it's not some cheapo model)

1.5TB HD

320gb HD

PicoPSU 80W

Custom Built Rackmount enclosure with vented front panel, fans, additional USB ports and anti vandal stainless steel LED bulbs and switches.The whole system runs on about 25 watts, runs cool and quiet.


My preferred option is 3(B) or 4.


Let me know what you guys think. I actually have 2 of these systems, the other one runs XP and is in a 1U rackmount with a 17 inch ELO capacitive (not Multitouch) screen built into a heavy duty musicians stand. II also want rid of this system)




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