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Kernel Panic:BSD process name corresponding to current thread:kernel_task


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Hello guys....

Been experiencing KPs when I have an active call on skype...

Have solved it when it happened with Lion.If I can recall correctly,it was a problem with my IONetworkingFamily.kext...

The thing here is that I tried all different kexts I could find before I went ahead and start a thread.

Also tried the backup kexts that I know that worked in Lion and that were the ones that I got rid of the problem with.

Check out what happens here...





I could really use a helping hand or a spontaneous idea for a solution here...


Edit:don't know why the image is displayed upside down:P

it displayed ok in my hackintosh:P

download it and rotate it to view it correctly

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Im feeling glorious today!!!!

I finally put together all the pieces of the puzzle and i'm happy to announce that I dont have any panics...


When i installed ML in my hack,i installed skype and utorrent.

I had my first KP when using skype and heroes of newerth...i tried through trial and error to narrow the culprit and i found out that it was skype's fault.I only had KPs when i had Skype open in a call or "just" open...

So i stopped playing hon with skype.The thing is that,few days after I started using utorrent,i had KPs with almost identical crashes as Skype's crashes,and both of them said that a CPU called panic in kernel task.So i switched to Transmission..Was fine till 2-3 days later,till the KPs started again.As of the time I'm writting this,i remembered that I increased the number of maximum connections from 50 to 200 on utorrent at first,and then had my first KP with it.

I did the same thing with transmission,and then the KPs started too...I hadn't combined this info till today.I opened skype,and at the same time,I tried to login to skype from my iPhone,and it crashed..I didnt give a {censored} :P,cause I have iOS 6 in it and it's buggy..and then it hit me...the port skype was using was 434xx...uTorrent was using 43235..noticed that 200 was the magic number that gave the KPs when I was downloading a torrent.so the first thing I did was to change Skype's port to 55xxx so that Skype couldnt try to occupy the port that the torrent apps had shotgunned..

and voila!No KPs anymore...


I took the liberty of writting this since i saw other members in countless forums asking for help for almost identical matters on random KPs etc etc..


Cheers guys...!!! :king: :wink2: :angel_not::thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim:

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