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Where to Purchase OS X 10.6

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Anyone ever used applications-outlet.com ?


I know I can get a retail DVD from Amazon, however these guys seem to have it for much cheaper available only as a digital download. I can make an ISO so thats not the issue - I am just wondering if these guys are legit and if anyone has ever used them before. I can get SL Server for 50 bucks. Pretty good deal.


Your oponions are greatly appreciated!

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OK – so I did some digging, and that site is in Russia – looks like they are doing the same scam that the MP3 people have done/are doing where they buy one physical copy and then make bunches of digital copies. I called Apple telesales and was able to purchase the full retail DVD of Snow Leopard for $20.99 (included a buck tax) and its shipped to me. Amazon sells it for 70 bucks and craigslist ads have it for ~$50. Going legit has never been easier, or cheaper!






This thread is current as of the end of August.



Hope this helps some people out!

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