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Best gaming Mouse/Controler?


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The only PC game I currently play is WoW. This is also my first MMO game ever. I am a big fan of FPS, but haven't played them on anything but a console in a long time.



So now that my hackintosh is nearly complete, I am wondering about a good mouse/controller for WoW. I'm not against buying a dedicated device, but a decent mouse would be nice to have as well. I hear a lot of talk about the Razr... some good, some bad. I also hear a lot about the MX series from Logitec (I have an POS logitec right now actually).



I was basically mocked by the support guy at Blizzard when I asked how to make the keyboard movement less jerky - he called me a 'keyboard turner' and said that most people who are FPS fans have a hard time with the switch to movement with the mouse. He's a douche for mocking me, but he's also right. I am so used to the upside down T of 'esdf' for movement that I am having a hard time adjusting. I am hoping that a better mouse will help. I am also open to a joystick, but not a game pad as that takes both hands.



So what is the best mouse (or joystick) for gaming? Oh, and let me rephrase... the best, economical mouse (or joystick) for gaming. By economical, I mean less than a benjamin.



Thanks y'all!

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