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[HELP] New installation Mountain Lion


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Hello everyone! I am a newbie to this world, but long time ago I tried (with some success) an install of Snow Leopard on an old Q6600.


This is my actually configuration:



Asus P8z77-v Deluxe

8GB DDR3 1600MHz

2 x HD6950 1Gb

Kingston 64GB SSD

Blu-ray burner Plextor

Lite-on DVD Burner



I followed a guide to install ML famous by usb, or I got a macbook pro on which it was installed ML and I redownloaded, I launched ###### 1.5.3 (first course I made ​​the stick bootable to usb 'start) and I created the usb boot with ML loaded on (without the patch for the patch for notebook and desktop).


To which I put the usb in the pc, unplug the optical drives and the second video card and put in bios mode AICHI was already active and boot from USB.


A screen shows black screen that asks me to select the boot (the usb in this case) and pass to the gray screen with our beautiful bitten apple in the middle and the circle loading below.

The circle goes round and round, and after about a minute / a minute and a half over the apple appears a symbol of prohibition.


What has happened? Why can not install it?

You say that there really hope?


I rely on you that you have certainly a lot more experience than me!

Thank you and good day!


(sorry for my bad english :-( )

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There's no support avalaible for tonymax86 tools. If you have some issues with these tools, pls contact their owner for support or try one of the other installation methods available. Thnx

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