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Asus U46E-bal6 - Multiple Issues


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Hello InsanelyMac Forums,

I have recently installed Mac OS X 10.8.1 on my Asus U46E-bal6 laptop and I find that it runs almost perfectly. I have three small problems with it though that are rather inconvenient for me.


The first is that my WiFi drivers currently aren't working. I have looked around and can't seem to find both the type of WiFi hardware my computer uses, and anyone else who has the same model laptop I do and has problems with their WiFi drivers.


The second problem is that my battery is currently not being registered as a valid battery. I can boot up in windows fine on my second partition and it registers that my battery is valid and I can recharge it there fine, but on my OS X partition, I have to keep it plugged into the wall outlet. This would be fine if I didn't have to go to highschool and use my laptop during class where I might not have access to the wall outlet. The same issue goes for my WiFi drivers, I might have to use my laptop during class and if I don't have WiFi and I need to use the internet for any reasons, it would impose problems.


The third issue is that both my audio and microphone jacks that are on the left hand side of my laptop don't seem to be working. I have tried 3 different iPod headphones, my Bose QC-15s, and my brothers Turtle Beaches, all of which didn't seem to work. I haven't tried any USB headsets, but I assume that they would work fine seeing as both my USB ports work perfectly.


Any solutions to any of my problems would be more than helpful! Thank you and I hope we can fix my new hackintosh - Arrow2pwnu

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