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OS X Mountain Lion on Toshiba Satellite L755


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I had SL 10.6.8 installed, but went and got the retail of ML for my lappy which is :


Toshiba Satellite L755


i5 2430m


1 GB GT525m

Intel H65

Conexant Audio

Atheros 9285 wifi


Installation went perfectly well and the Nvidia GT525m was picked up OOB, but no Atheros or the Conexant Audio. Used a kext I had for the Atheros which worked.


The first problem is I need to keep putting up kernel flags "UseKernelCache=No" else I get "still waiting for root device" and my HDD is on AHCI mode.


Second problem is I used ###### 5.2 to install VoodooHDA worked just perfectly with all the pins but suddenly today I started getting a KP so I just moved the driver.


Third problem is in the trackpad preferences there is an option for flicks but when I check that I cannot use the flicks / swipe on Safari or FF, my touchpad is a Synaptics 7.2


Any other issues currently NO.


Please help me with the above.


Ah I forgot, after shutting down ML I can restart the system without removing the battery :)

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put legacy ahci kext into /Extra/Extensions and should fix waiting on root device. for audio, just try dofferent versions of voodoo until you get one that doesn't kp. 2.7.4, 2.7.3, 2.7.2 etc

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Try this one in Extra/Extensions instead of legacy. If still problem after see here: Waiting for root device when kernel cache used; only with...


I don't know about swipe and what capabilities of your trackpad are or what they can be when using voodoo trackpad kext or apple trackpad kexts. I've only ever gotten 2 finger scrolling to work on hackintosh laptop, but all were slightly older than yours.


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