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Help using DSDT


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You can use my extra folder, i do have the same lappy as you.


Graphics en DSDT.

Wifi on DSDT.

HDMI audio on DSDT

For audio use lastest VoodooHDA installer.


CPU power management included on extra folder (SSDT.aml).

This SSDT.aml is for the Core i5 2410m 2.30Ghz, you can use it, then modify the pss values to match yours, just look for information on the forum on the howto and google for your values.


Edit: The kexts inside extra folder are for Snowleopard.




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For extract and repair, you can use a little utility like this one: https://dl.dropbox.c...6/DSDTFixer.zip


Patches for your Toshiba model: http://www.osx86.es


Thnx , btw I am a noob where dsdt creation/extraction/modification is concerned. I removed SL because it was causing issues and installed retail ML which is perfectly working except a a few things like the sound / swipe feature.


And are you sure that the dsdt is for my Toshiba Satellite L755-M1DU ?


Is that a Spanish site ?


It talks about

Replace PEGP device now where the heck is that ? Should first extract the

dsdt or use your dsdt ?

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Use DSDTFixer to extract,repair and add basic patches.

Use osx86.es to check your specific patches.

Use DSDTSE to add a them.



Hmmm I apologize , I cannot understand , I have your dsdt which contains a SSDT.aml , have also downloaded the the dsdtfixer , do I fix the ssdt.aml with the fixer and then put under /Extra . But what about the strings that I need to add which are available at osx86.es ?

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you only have copy and paste for your Extra the DSDT.aml


Lol I have already done that thnx btw, I read on osx86.es about the GT525m patch which would give me brightness control but does not seem to work.


you got the same L755 and are you using ML or SL ? because the sound is a problem and I have tried Voodoo versions. It works the first time but on the next reboot I get a KP. I am currently on ML as SL was not going well on my lappy.

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The dsdt i gave you has included a graphic patch, it does not work with your lappy?




The gt525m works perfectly with your dsdt , but on the osx86 .es the patch talks about changing brightness control , now in windows and linux it works with "Fn + f6 or f7" plus in your DSDT in the it is "0x3A" and on the os86.es patch it is 0x38. And if i make changes in your DSDT and try to compile using DSDTSE it gives an error.


Also have a problem with sleep / stndby mode, I need to power off remove and reconnect the battery and start.

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