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USB Not Working - Please Help


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If someone could help me, that would be great.


Just installed 10.4.6 and my USB ports are not working! but yet they were under 10.4.1.

My computer has the following specs


Machine Model: ADP2,1

CPU Type: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+

Number Of CPUs: 2

Memory: 512 MB

Bus Speed: 200 MHz

Boot ROM Version: 0201 (American Megatrends Inc.)


My motherboard is a Asus M2V-TVM with the following chipsets VIA K8M890 and VIA VT8237R Pluls.


If some one could give me the instructions to get these going that would be great.





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Got it going now downloaded the apple dev 10.4.7 files.


Yes, Version 256.4.2 IOUSBFAMILY, which is also available on Darwin Source has a function in it that isolates and solves this problem for some machines - not at my machine right now, getOS... or something like that. Other symptoms: USB 2.0 support (EHCI) on coldstart only. I have this code marked for mods. But first compilation attempt did not go very well. It compiled but resulting kext was unusable - probably too much on the typecasting. I made other mistakes as well. To compile it, one will need to bring it some headers from the 10.4.7 xnu kernel too.


Anyhow, I will revisit this and hopefully resolve it. An easy solution would be for 'OSX' to always assume that it has ownership of USB hardware from BIOS. If all else fails that's what I ll do. Though doing so may have other repercussions. Any other ideas?




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I have installed 10.4.6 on an emachine w340ua, I swaped the IOUSBFamily.kext with the 10.4.3 kext and usb works only when Legacy usb is enabled in the BIOS, However this causes the mouse and keyboard not to work, is there a fix where I can get everything to work at the same time? thanks

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