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No Airport card installed & screen problems


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Hey folks,


I had been running my EEEPC 1000HE with 10.6.7 fine for quite a while now, but lately some problems "occured".


Firstly, it stopped finding WiFi networks, so I decided to turn AirPort Off and On again.

But that did not really work so I decided to reboot the whole system.

After a reboot the icon said: "No AirPort card installed"

I also have no WiFi connection at all, but in the "About Mac" window, my AirPort service is still listed.


The other problem is, that I wanted to connect the EEEPC to my TV via VGA. That worked well, when extending the screen to the TV.

After choosing to synchronize the screen, all I get is nothing but graphic bugs. I can not even turn the synchronize option off, when connected to the TV. And after disconnecting the checkbox is gone.

Maybe there's some terminal command to fix that?


Thanks in advance,



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