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In your opinion, what are the people that leads the world on?


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Like, i don't know.. maybe in the past were thomas edison, galileo galilei, then who invented the radio, the television and then internet....

in our years who leads the world on?

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Didn't Al Gore invent the internet??


How contemporary do you want to go? In the last 100 years, I'd say we have Einstein, Hawking, MLK, Mandela, Thatcher, Regan, Gorbechev, Gates, Jobs...


In the limelight now? Dear god help us all: Beiber, Oprah, Assange, Zuckerberg,... MAKE THE BAD MAN STOP!!


man... that contemporary list is quite depressing :thumbsdown_anim:

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Who leads the world?



for awhile it was rock n roll. I think hip hop artists are leading the youth now, a lot are still drawn by pop like Gaga

Black culture is clearly taking a leading role in America, but America doesn't quite lead the world like it did years ago.


Your question is vague.


Who leads the world in what?

culture, economics, intelligence, philosophy, philanthropy, etc?


The answers are readily available in an excel sheet.


I guess we can safely assume that the majority of the world leading will be done by China, if the news is to be believed.


I cannot imagine the Chinese leading culturally, but for the rest of the stuff it isn't a stretch. I think the Japanese are a leader if not the leader in philanthropy.


If it is only technology that you are interested in then that is still a large category... Intel leads the world in processing, CERN seems to be leading the world in physics, but NASA is still kicking all other Space Agency Ass, Nvidia leads the world for my grfx card!


And, Apple leads the world in terms of function and style of technology, but not volume.


America still leads a large part of the world with its tech, but the question is a difficult one to answer since manufacturing and IP no longer reside in the same country. I guess you could say the world is no longer lead by individuals or even countries, with the exception of Michael Phelps.

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