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[Solved] Mac OS X 10.8 and Windows 7 dual boot on separate drives

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I've got a problem, which I couldn't find on google, nor here, or I did wrong search.

I installed ML on new hard disk on SATA3, in GUID partition table, and I've reinstalled windows 7 on my old hd on SATA2 in MBR partition table. I get Missing BOOTMGR error while trying to boot into windows 7. I tried bootrec fixmbr, fixboot, rebuildbcd, none worked. Is there a conflict between those two hard drives, because one is GUID n one MBR, but every time i try to boot into windows from bios boot menu (F12) i choose to boot from (WD320) hd for windows or (WD500) hd for Mac.


My specs are:


i5 2150 (Sandy Bridge)

4Gb transcend ddr3 ram

nVidia GTS 450



EDIT: I've set AHCI in bios. Also its UEFI mobo, but windows is 32bit.


EDIT: Used:

bcdboot X:\Windows /l en-us /s Z: /v

bootsect /nt60 Z: /force

then got /BOOT/BCD/ 0x0000c34 error

aslo bcdboot... command gave me error: failed


Nvm, unpluged mac os hd, installed windows, plugged mac os hd back, working excellent now.

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