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Finished new build of 10.8.1 and say hello


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I just finished build of new i7 3770k, ASUS p8z77-lx, 16gig ram, sata-6 500gig hdd, nvidia GT-430, no over clock last night.

This was first time trying to build hackintosh, long time gentoo user and everything went perfect, except for a small hiccup on first reboot after

install completed but shot to terminal, corrected issue and all was well. Sound, sata-6, usb3.0, video all working perfect. I have to say this board

is by far the best site I found. I felt that docs were concise and to the point. I guess what I am trying to is well done guys and thank you. I plan on posting

guide on what I did and DSDT. Just getting loading up apps and tweaking for performence.


:king: :king: :king: :king:


Thanks Again guys


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