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Proper Audio kext no more :(

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Hi guys,

I've just installed ML on my M50Vn. Everything works except for audio.

About 1 year ago, or so, I installed Snow Leopard (Everything was all righ, even audio and Wi-Fi), but after a short time I decided to go back to linux due to stability issues; now I've come back to OS X, and here we are with Mountain Lion. I can say this OS rocks on my laptop, but still I can't get audio working. The thing is, I had some audio Kext in SL (It's VoodooHDA but I can't check the version, although I still have the file), and I don't know whether they're good for ML or not: I haven't tried it yet because I don't want trouble booting (500Gb HD with just 1 partition, which I installed ML on).

Yesterday I tried to install VoodooHDA 0.2.2 (newer versions were unstable, so the place I got them from wrote) but still no audio.


What I ask you is:

- Is It safe for me to install the old kext I have, which worked with Snow Leopard?

- Do you know, any kext I could try?

This is what my laptop's configuration is reported to be by ASUS website:


Chip Audio compatibile integrato Azalia, con effetto 3D & full duplex (Integrated Azalia-compatible audio chip; 3D effect and Full Duplex)


Built-in Intel® High Definition audio compliant audio chip (no need to translate



ALTEC LANCING co-brand speakers


Altoparlanti e microfono integrati (integrated speakers and microphone)


Support Dolby® Home Theatre



I'll attach my old kext so you can check it out.


Thank you


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We need to know what exact sound chip is that... it should be some ALCXXX (XXX = the numbers)


Also, I think you didn't attached your old kext.

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Where can I check the exact model of my audio chip? Of course, according to OS X I have none :P


You're right, maybe because it was not in zip (or maybe just because I forgot to click on "Attach this file" XD). Here we go!


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I thought I can read your exact ALC model from your old kext, but sadly I can't.

Do you have Windows installed on your machine? If yes, use AIDA64 or something like that to get your exact sound chip type.

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no Windows anymore :)

Old kext worked with ML as well. I'd like to post a guide but the way I used to install ML is banished from this forum :(

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