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DSDT patch for TOSHIBA Satellite L750

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Hi i have a similar computer with this dsdt https://dl.dropbox.com/u/86362288/dsdt.aml.rar'>https://dl.dropbox.com/u/86362288/dsdt.aml.rar extracted with ubuntu 12.10 with this orders in the terminal


sudo apt-get install iasl

sudo cat /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT > dsdt.aml

iasl -d dsdt.aml


I patched it with the following dsdt editor sandy bridge patches for notebooks


_T_x rename









My grafic card gets black when it goes to sleep, i can see the mouse, but i have to reboot my computer. Can i use that file too?

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Get this drivers.


I still haven´t find a solution for the bluetooh.


https://dl.dropbox.c...oshiba L750.zip


I install this kexts, bus sleep is not working yet. System is sleeps well, but dont wake up(black screen, funs is on, mouse is moves, but no desktop screen)


Also not working VGA output. I need it very much to connech my video projector.


Bluetooth is working with kext from kexts.com atheros AR3011. But to activate it, need to install toshiba bluetooth drivers in windows os, and turn them on, reboot to mac os.


I think, the problem in smbios, or system clock for my intell core i3 2310. cpu temperature is 70-78 degrees...in win7 its 35-50 degrees...interesting why...i use iStat menus 3 program in mac.


I need help....

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I get an average of 16 fps runing heaven brenchmark, with open gl in windows i get similar specs, so i think the graphic card is working well but it does not sleep. When I install chamaleon i cant get into osx, but i can slect linux or windows, it gets stuck, but I can boot with a pendrive. I will try to start with -f -v to see whats happening

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You have to place the kexts you have inside extra folder in a "extensions" folder inside extra,


Should be: Extra/Extensions/Yourkexts.


Enable restart fix on Chameleon.


Install the 10.8.2 nvidia drivers modifiying it´s content as i show you on the link i posted.

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In some of my tryouts i have put kexts inside extensions, but it seems that in this not. I have to install them with kext wizard?


Nvidia drivers are installed

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Seems you have duplicated kexts on your system.... wouldn´t be better to do a clean vanilla install and just install on your system extensions voodoohda and voodoobattery?


Rest of kexts will be under extra/extensions.


just place then there and create a extensions.mkext from that folder. Use any tool you may find convenient for that matter.

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Hi Pere.


I have a L755 Toshiba lap as nearly like yours (i5 2450M, GT525M...). I tried to install 10.8.2 but cannot patch speedstep (also wake up, sleep...). Only VGA, conenxant works.


I've read your blog and I saw you have a new way to enable native power management for your laptop. So can you share your newest DSDT and driver or app to get a smooth working hacintosh for Toshiba lap? How can I flash modified BIOS in macos? Does that Bios effect to Windows? Did you solve speedstep, wake up and sleep problems?

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Here is my updated extra folder for Mountain Lion.




I do use Voodoohda and Vodoo battery.


Flashing the bios to unlock powermanagement has been a complete success with this tool: http://www.insanelym...tching-utility/


But i dun know how this affects windows as i don´t use windows in this laptop, only used windows for flashing.


DSDT includes:

Speedstep patch.

Nvidia Patch

Generic patches and fixes

Wifi patch

Usb patches

HDMI audio patch

Wake up and sleep, but 10.8.2 has introduced graphic corruption after sleep, on 10.8.1 was solved thanks to nvidia official drivers.


SSDT includes correct speedstep settings for Mountain lion, thanks to Revogirl blog, you have to edit the frequency settings if you have a newer CPU.

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"10.8.2 has introduced graphic corruption after sleep" so that we still cannot solve out sleep problem for 10.8.2 :wallbash:


For Conexant Cx20585 you can patch DSDT and AppleHDA to have a buit-in sound device. Read more at:



P/s: any problems still cannot fix, Pere?

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