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[WIP] [GUIDE] HP Pavilion dv7 4087cl Lion Installation

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This is a work-in-progress guide to install Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 on the HP Pavilion dv7 4087cl. This guide may work for other HP laptops, but you will have to make some changes with kext installation and what not.


Here's a quick heads up of what's working on this lappy and what's not.

What is working:

Intel Core i5 430M - All core and threads working with lapic_fix kernel

Trackpad & Keyboard - Some basic gestures working with PS2 kext

Sound - Works with patched VoodooHDA

CD/DVD burner - Works perfectly without any kexts

Webcam - Works perfectly without any kexts

Ethernet - Works with Lnx2Mac's RTL81xx ethernet kext

Shutdown and restart - Works without any configuration

Native resolution - Works with "Graphics Mode"="1600x900x32"

SD Card reader - Works fine without any kexts, but works better with AnyCardReader kext

Some media keys - Play, mute, and volume key, stop key works as rewind key

What is not working:

QE/CI - OS X always boots with the Intel HD graphics card, and never uses the ATI card

WiFi - OS X is not compatible with Intel WiFi cards at all

Fingerprint reader - OS X is not compatible with fingerprint readers at all


Creating OS X Lion Installer USB and Installing OS X Lion

You'll need access to a Mac, an 8 GB or bigger USB, and Install Mac OS X Lion.app from the App Store.

Get the latest Installer pack from the Updates section!


1. Open Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility and select your USB drive in the sidebar. Then go to the Partition tab. Select 1 partition, Mac OS X Extended (Journaled), and Master Boot Record in Options. Name it Lion Installer. Then click Apply.

2. Right click your Install Mac OS X Lion application, then click Show Package Contents. Open Contents, then SharedSupport. Double click InstallESD.dmg.

3. Open Applications>Utilities>Terminal and type the following command:

open /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ ESD/BaseSystem.dmg

Then quit Terminal.

4. Open Disk Utility again, and select Mac OS X Base System in the sidebar. Click the Restore tab, drag Lion Installer to the Destination box, and click Restore. Once the restore finishes, right click BaseSystem.dmg and click Eject Disk Image.

5. Open Mac OS X Install ESD in Finder. Copy the Packages folder. Then go to Mac OS X Base System>System>Installation and delete the Packages symlink. Then paste the Packages folder.

6. Install the latest Chameleon bootloader to Mac OS X Base System. You can download it from here: http://www.insanelym...howtopic=2310757. Open Mac OS X Base System in Finder. Delete the Extra folder if it is there. Copy the Extra folder from the Installer Pack to Mac OS X Base System.

8. Go to Mac OS X Base System>System>Library>Extensions and delete all files that begin with AppleIntelHD. Then copy the files in the System Extensions folder in the Installer Pack to Mac OS X Base System>System>Library>Extensions.

9. To patch the installer for MBR partition tables, download the correct version of the MBR patch for your version of OS X (http://www.osx86.net...pkg_10.7.x.html) and copy the files to the locations in the HowTo.txt with the MBR patch.

10. Place your USB stick in your HP dv7, then boot it. Press F9 when you see the HP logo, then select your USB. Once you are at the Chameleon boot screen, press enter.

11. You should reach the Mac OS X Installer. Go to Utilities>Disk Utility and format your partition as Mac OS X Extended (Journaled). Name it Lion. Click Apply. Then close Disk Utility and install to your partition.


Post Installation

Get the latest Post Install pack from the Updates section!


12. Boot with the USB stick again. This time, go to Utilities >Terminal. Type in the following commands:

cd /Volumes/Lion/System/Library/Extensions rm -rf AppleIntelHD*

Now quit Terminal and reboot.

13. Boot with the USB stick again, but this time select your Lion installation. Type in the following boot flags.


You should reach the setup screen. For setup, you'll need to use a USB keyboard and mouse (you'll only need this for setup).

14. Once setup is complete, download the post installation pack. Unzip it, and copy the Extra folder to your OS X Lion partition. Then run the Realtek RTL81xx and VoodooHDA installers. Set up FaceTime, iCloud, and Messages. Then install the lapic_fix kernel for your version of OS X. Then install the included Chameleon bootloader.

15. Go to the Kexts to Install folder. Drag all the kext files onto the Kext Utility application in Apps. Enter your password and continue. Once it finishes, quit Kext Utility.

16. Copy the DisplayProductID-717 in the installer pack file to System>Library>Displays>Overrides>DisplayVendorID-756e6b6e.

17. Patch AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement for your version of OS X. You can search the forum for help with this. Run the patch as sudo, then reboot.



You are now done with installing OS X on your HP Pavilion dv7 4087cl!


This guide could not have been possible without some awesome people:


Thanks to the VoodooProjects team and the Chameleon team for Chameleon bootloader, and all other Chameleon devs

Thanks to netkas and ProjectOSX for FakeSMC

Thanks to nawcom and ProjectOS X for VoodooHDA audio kext

Thanks to Lnx2Mac for RealtekRTL81xx ethernet kext

Thanks to finntriel on OSx86.net for uploading the lapic patched kernels for Lion

Thanks to maxhello on OSx86.net for uploading the lapic patched kernels for Mountain Lion

Thanks to manor for the Intel HD Graphics kexts

Thanks to AnV for AnyCardReader

Thanks to smartie77 on OSx86.net for uploading the PS2 trackpad kexts

Thanks to nawcom for the MBR patches

Special thanks to InsanelyMac and the OSx86 community for making this possible. You guys are awesome! :thumbsup_anim:

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Here I will post updates to the installation guide, install packs, and info about OS X updates and upgrades. OS X upgrade/update info is in blue, while pack updates are in black.


Current Pack Downloads:


9.1.2012 - OS X 10.8 Upgrade Info:

Here are updated packs for OS X Mountain Lion 10.8. Guide is the same, except you are using files from the newer pack. For the MBR Patch, copy the OSInstall file to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Install.framework/Frameworks/OSInstall.framework/Versions/A/OSInstall, and the OSInstall.mpkg file to /System/Installation/Packages on your installer USB. I am thinking of rewriting this guide for 10.8.


9.1.2012 - OS X 10.8.1 Update

Update to OS X 10.8.1 from the Mac App Store>Updates. Download the update, which is quite small, and quit the Mac App Store. Then install the 10.8.1 lapic patched kernel, which you can get from here. Also delete the AppleIntelHD kexts in /System/Library/Extensions. Then run the Kext Utility application, then Disk Utility's Repair Permissions option. Then reboot.


9.1.2012 - OS X 10.8 Post Install Pack Update

The OS X 10.8 Post Install Pack has been updated. ACPISensors.kext has been removed as it has no use without advanced DSDT hacks.


9.13.2012 - Pack Updates

The list of changes it quite long this time...

- Removed RealtekRTL81xx kext and added installer instead in all packs

- Removed SSDTs from USB Installer Packs as they are unneeded

- Added missing SSDTs to Post Installation Packs

- Updated Chamleon in all packs to 2.1svn r2060

- Added changes to the 10.7.4 Packs



I will most likely rewrite the guide for OS X 10.8...for now you can use the "OS X 10.8 Upgrade Info" post above. I am also investigating getting the ATI card working, however most likely it will never work. The links may take some time to work as I am uploading them still (about 200 MB total).

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