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DigiDal.kext - The bane of a Lion Pro Tools Workstation (For me)

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This story starts quite a while back (Not really. It was more like 7 months ago.)


I had just gotten my Big Bang Xpower with an i7 and I'm looking to install lion on it and use it with Pro Tools. The installation goes fine, with graphics acceleration and everything. I install Pro Tools 8 and restart. Digidal.kext gives me a kernel panic and the only way I can boot in is with the kext deleted. I don't know why this happens and research gives me nothing. :(


Fast forward a little: Lion is okay with me, although there are a few things I don't like, but nonetheless I had to give it up for for a Snow Leopard installation. It turns out that Pro Tools works perfectly fine on SL, plus I have everything working anyways. So this is how it has been to this day.


Present day: My brother is getting married and he has enjoyed my workstation a lot (Played Max payne on full settings on Windows, Records lives sessions in Snow Leopard), so he bought components for me to install Mac for him to have his own workstation. I cannot get Snow Leopard to work on this one. I mean I can, but graphics just refuse to work. I try and try for two weeks, but no cigar.


I raised the white flag a couple of days back and installed Lion. Everything works out of the friggin' box. Both cards (GTX 460's) work fully (Full Acceleration on both + HDMI). Audio works and everything is fine and dandy.


Everything that is, except for... PRO TOOLS! Digidal.kext has returned to ruin my day and I need to know how to end this fight once and for all. My brother needs an audio Worksstation, not a Sortofworksstation. If he can't use Pro Tools, then that defeats the purpose of this setup.


Someone please tell me how to get it working.


As a side note, Pro Tools 8 would start up fine in Lion with Digidal.kext deleted, but when I hit the play button, I would get an "Assertion Error" which I think is attributed to the missing Digidal kext.

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Is it Protools HD with PCIe cards? If it's not, then you can remove this kext rebuild caches and forget about this problem.

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Nope. No cards here. I tried removing the kext after a successful PT8 Install, but I get an error inside the application (Assertion Error..... line xxx) whenever I try to hit the play button.

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