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KVM switch for mac?

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Hey guys, recently purchased a Belkin 4 port KVM... this thing is terrible. Model F1DD104L

Belkin specifically states support for Mac OSX systems, however the current corded Apple aluminium keyboard and optical mouse do not work at all.

Keyboard is not recognised at all by the system... and inputs the character 'z' permanently.

Mouse is jumping all over the place.

Leaving artifacts all over my screen in the dark areas.

Their excuse is the product works with OSX, just not Apple peripherals. Seeking RMA now, what a nightmare!


Looking for anyone who has gone through this before and found a solution that works with switching macs.


I will need DVI-D DUAL LINK as my monitor is the 30" 2560x1600 Apple cinema display.

Plus USB switching.

Audio not as important as I can do this with my amplifier but I guess most KVMs have this included.


Looking at ATEN, Gefen, ServerLink, IOgear etc.


Budget is $300.


Also does anyone know if I will need a DVI booster to get rid of these screen artifacts or will a decent KVM help?





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