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Hey guys, I just installed Compression Master 4.0 and to be honest, I cannot figure it out. I'm trying to convert flv files to other formats such as avi and wmv. Has anyone used it? Does anyone know of any tutorials out there that I can follow? Does anyone know what the hell I'm talking about? LOL. No, seriously, if someone knows, please, I'd appreciate some help.





The images are from their website

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Hello, You cannot convert from FLV files in Compression Master. You can convert any other format TO flv but Compression Master DOES NOT accept the RM or FLV container or codec currently. The only software you can use on mac to convert FLV to another codec / container that i have found are:

1. iSquint

2. Visualhub

3. VideotoGo

4. FFmpeg (variations)

All these tool will convert FLV into most "useable" formats / codecs, BUT only Visualhub (must buy) and iSquint (free) will convert flash 8, the rest do flash 7 or earlier. Flash 8 is now used on most "youtube, yahoo video, AOL video, google" type sites.

When FFmpeg libs get updated they may be able to do flash 8, till then you can only converter flash 7 movies.


Compression Master (now called Episode One, a free download to try and upgrade previous version of Compression Master4.0+ to Episode One 4.1.1) is a pro transcoder and does not currently transcode non-pro formats EG. rm,flv but can convert any other container INTO those formates.

Hope that helps and email me if you have other question



Robb (www.CompresionX.com)

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