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System works perfect, only minor bugs

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Mountain Lion works perfect. I have a GA-P55-USB3 with a Core i5 750 CPU and a Nvidia GTX465. Bluetooth (after USB rollback), WIFI and my Graphics works out of the box. The minor things that doesn't work could be fixed with a DSDT (at least, that was the case in Lion). Unfortunately, a DSDT doesn't work in Mountain Lion it seems. I tried the one corresponding to my motherboard from Tonymacosx, but it results in a kernel panic.


Doesn't really matter that much though, without the DSDT I just needed to do a USB rollback and some Audio stuff, and everything works fine as I'm used to.


The one problem I have, which also isn't a big deal, is with restart. When I restart my PC, it seems that it works fine. The POST works fine, but when my BIOS want to detect my HDD's, it can't find any. So a restart doesn't really work, and I need to do a shutdown every time.


If someone has some tips on my minor bugs, you are very much welcome!


EDIT: Fixed a lot of things. DSDT works, found one on a forum (the one from Tony is messed up I guess?)! So no nullcpupowermanagement.kext anymore and removed some PCI stuff from my boot plist. The DSDT makes it also much easier when 10.8.1 will be released. I also experienced a popping sound, but now I downloaded a script for that (antipop) which prevents the sound from going to sleep. Works like a charm.


EDIT2: Things I can't seem to fix are Speedstep. Use the iMac 11,1 smbios, enabled it in the bios.. just won't work it seems. Sleep also doesn't work (only turns off the monitor) and the restart issue is still there.

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