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Need help with ML inside Vmware

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Well! i just got a new laptop with an ivy bridge processor :D! but sadly, i am limited to install ML via VMware because nothing else is compatible... but when i try to install vmware tools in ML in vmware it fails to install at the end...

I need vmware tools in order to mount my usb and properly format and get it ready for dual booting on my Windows PC. Do you know where i can find a different (newer version) of vmware tools that is compatible with mac os x ML so that i can install it...


Just as a side question, is there anyway that you guys know of the send multi-touch gestures through vmware? so i can test out the new multi-touch features in ML on VMware.


I have a few more questions, because i am dual booting, is it possible that when formatting the blank partition i made that it will format the whole hardrive?? because my laptop did not come with an windows installation CD :S


i know Mountain Lion Developer preview was available for download for macs without an IVY bridge cpu... does the Developer Preview 4 support ivy bridge processors? or is it only the retail version that supports them? because for now, i only have access to DP4 and i was planing on downloading and installing the retail version over the DP4 version...


Which brings me to my last question! if everything goes well,once i install DP4 on the partition on my hardrive and successfully dual boot, will i be able to download the Retail version of Mac os X Mountain lion via the apple app store and upgrade the DP4 to the release version without having to format any partitions and recreate the bootable usb? basically just run it inside the DP4 and install it there... And if i install it that way will it mess up the chameleon bootloader or will it leave it the bootloader as well as my windows partition completely unharmed?


Thanks! those are all of the questions i have for now!! hope im not to much of a bother :)


my laptop specs

Graphics: Nvidia Geforce 650M 1gb

Processor: Intel core i7 3610QM 2.3Ghz (with turboboost)


it is basically the same specs as a 2000 dollar Macbook pro, except the only differences from the macbook pro are the sound card and the wlan card :) and of course the BIOS

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