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[SOLVED]GraphicsEnabler isn't working on 10.8 Radeon HD 4890

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Hey Guys,


need some help with my Mountain Lion Installation.

I have a very smooth running 10.7.3 with GraphicsEnabler=Yes and a custom Personality for dual Monitor Support.


System specs are:


Rampage II Extreme

Intel i7 920

Sapphire Radeon HD 4890 2GB


Current Custom Kexts in 10.8 are:

FakeSMC - some old version don't know if it ever got updated but it works fine in lion


IOBlockStorage - some patched plist for proper detection of the ICH10R chipset



My problem is that the GraphicsEnabler simply does not inject the card into 10.8. I am not able to get to the login screen with GraphicsEnabler=Yes.

If i boot with GraphicsEnabler=No then OS X is loading some generic NV50HAL driver which only gives me 1440x900 Resolution w/o QE/CL. This behaviour is also different from Lion, where even when GraphicsEnabler=No the right driver is picked but because of the wrong standard personality the dual monitors aren't working.

Does anybody else ran into that problem and might give me a hint what i'm doing wrong?


If you need more information i will be happily answer your questions.




thanks in advance



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i don't think that this would work. i've tried this before on lion because this kext was always loaded when i messed up my ati4800Controller.kext, while editing the personalities. when i've tried that on lion it crashed my hole system. maybe someone with a working 4890 on 10.8 could provide me his ATI4800Controller.kext and his ATIRadeonX2000.kext that would be awesome.


thanks in advance. :)

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sorry my internet was messed up yesterday evening -.- i tried this though but it doesn't seem to work. Also it seems like i don't even get this ***DEVICE IN SLOT-1*** Message which i usually get on lion before the gui starts up. To me it really looks like chameleon isn't injecting the graphic card correctly. I will try to change the pcie port of the card now because i've changed the port recently to the 2nd one, because the first one had some strange problems. Furthermore i will try to set up vnc on mountain lion and try to vnc into it when its booted up fully with graphicsenabler=yes and post some ioreg stuff. Will report back soon.

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Ok guys i fixed it. Just forgot to update the Kernel Caches after I Installed the Kexts from fantomas. -.- Single Display is working now but no dual display but this is a problem with the Motmot Personality which i can fix myself. Many thanks for your help :) A Difference from 10.7 is although definitly that the 4890 isn't wokring anymore without the qe/ci patch. althought this isn't a problem if you know it^^


For everyone reading this thread:


fantomas 48xx qe/ci Enabler kexts

!!use cvads kext utility to install the kexts!!


and then everything will run smoothly.


see you


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