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Sony Apls Trackpad Help !

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I have successfully installed lion using iAtkos L2 and have also updated it to the latest,almost everything works like a chram :angel_not: !! But Am having problems with trackpad,I have tried Alps kext from OSX.org and others like Voodoo kext but to no avail,Keyboard works fine without any issues but the trackpad is just not working !


Even when installing the trackpad never worked which was a first to me as I had installed SL and Lion on Dell and other laptops and during installation it works just fine in those but here even during that it doesn't work ! So I don't know where to look and what to do.


The Spec is as follows :


Make : Sony Vaio

Model : VPCEH16EN

CPU : Core i3 2310 (2.1Ghz)

RAM : 4Gb DDR3

GPU : Geforce 410 with CUDA

HDD : 320Gb


Please can anyone point me towards a solution ??



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Thanks for the quick reply ! I tried those aswell but no use one among the two posted there works but the mouse goes alfresko,one touch and the pointer is all over the place and then on its impossible to control it ! only way is to power down using power button!


Any other recommendations ??



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you check for trackpad setings?System Preferences?

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you check for trackpad setings?System Preferences?


Yes with some kexts it opens and nothing happens but with some trackpad setting and system preferences crash :wallbash: ! for example some voodoo (modified or otherwise) crash while others open fine but no setting helps bring the dead trackpad back to life.


So Am just trying figure out which kext will make this damn trackpad work !!



One Important question I want to ask,knowledgeable folks here kindly answer,if for whatever reason a device is not working is it safe to use the system ?? meaning the trackpad is not working so can I use the usb mouse while I figure out how to get it to work ?? Asking coz the trackpad continues to receive power from the mobo and will have to send some signal to the controller,so if that doesn't happen is there any danger that it might fail if used in this condition ??



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      Hi My name is Vova please help me settings clover and dsdt tabel for laptop..
      Installed version of the system OS X 10.12.5
      Does not work:
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      I have been trying for a while now to install Mac OS X El capitan 10.11.4 on the Sony Vaio VPCEB1M1E with limited succes.
      I am using Clover (latest version)
      The biggest problem is no LVDS detected and the notebook has a blackscreen as soon as OS X starts.

      I have created several config files, and if I disable Inject ATI i can login to the system without QE/CI. Wi-Fi works, AR9285.

      So I installed teamviewer, reboot, enable ATI config, got blackscreen, but logged in with teamviewer and QE/CI is working. I created an IOREG this way with IORegistryExplorer 2.1 and I have also attached my entire EFI partition, all unpatched ACPI tables are included. I think the problem is wrong connector info. Have tried several different framebuffers, Hoolock, Orangutan, Vervet, all give blackscreen on LVDS.

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      I have installed 10.10.0 Yosemite to my Sony VAIO E Series VPCEH25EN. 
      Boot flags used -v dart=0 -f
      After installation, I have installed the 10.10.5 Combo Update.
      After reboot I have installed some kexts, Basic Boot Options, Chimera bootloader, SMBIOS into my Yosemite SSD.
      FYI, Full Graphics and native resolution along with Graphics Chipset detected was present at the first boot. I didn't have to add any kexts.

      Boot time has reduced. I have full Graphics, native resolution, App store access. 
      The only thing I want to work is HDMI. 
      No HDMI output, I have tried my AOC monitor and Sony Bravia TV. Not working.

      Before I play around with tools, I wanted an expert opinion on what should I try.
      Graphics chip is NVIDIA GeForce 410M 512 MB.

      I have tried booting with GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No . No change.

      Should I try Nvidia Web Driver?
      And what is EDID Injection? Is it necessary for HDMI to work?

    • By Purval
      Hello i have vaio vpceh16en...which has core i3 2310m cpu and nvidia geforce 410m graphics card...everything works perfect including nvidia graphics card ( detects natively with GraphicsEnabler or IGPEnaber flag) with smbios of mac pro 5,1..except speed step..because for speed step it require smbios of macbook pro.without speed step laptop is heating very badly...
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      i think shrike is for ati4600controller.
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