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No audio on GA-G41MT-S2 (rev 1.4) + Radeon 6770


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Hey Guys,


Here is my specs first,


1) Motherboard: GA-G41MT-S2

2) CPU: Intel Dual Core E5700 @ 3.0 Ghz

3) 4GB DDR3

4) MSI Radeon HD 6770 flashed to 5770

5) Sound Card: ALC887-VD2

6) Chimera 1.10 w/ GraphicEnabler=Yes


I am running 10.7.4 right now and everything seems to be working fine except for sound. I have tried all the kexts possible (Voodoo, Apple etc) but for some reason i haven't been able to get sound working. The farthest i could go was an audio card detected under sound as HDMI (I am using an HDMI out) but the it said that this device has no output controls. Therefore i request my fellow users to please help me and get my sound working.



Kalpak Khemka.

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