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Mavericks kernel testing on AMD (formerly Mountain Lion kernel testing on AMD)


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ok, i've tested Your two new kernels Bronya. Both of them are OK for me. 

No issues so far.

Acrobat working, SignaStation Working, Parallels Desktop working, Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator also working without any issues.

Also Google Chrome is now my favourite browser once again.  :)

All in all, excellent job on mach_kernel_rc5. Thank You so much.


One more thing, since I've had problems with my DVD drive, I explored a bit more because it was irritating, and I found a solution.

Problem was in System Performances/Energy saver, Put hard disks to sleep when possible, it was ON, now it's OFF and my DVD works fine now, even after 3 hours of not using it.

It's a quick fix, but if anyone would have same problems here is the solution.


So, after long time Your kernel is my personal favourite for 10.9.5, all others are good, but this one is EXCELLENT  !!! I Recommend !!!

Thanks again.  :yes:

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Do I need to use both the boot file and the kernel? thanks


ps. I suppose the boot file is to be use with chameleon?

can you please reply how you got sound working? are you using applehda or voodoohda? thanks! :)

Hi ! Yes with chameleon !

I use VoodooHDA , fine works sound !

Kernel from post #6418 works fine, but sometimes happens this. It can be any app in the "BSD process ..." line.


What's wrong?

Hi ! You use voodohda ?

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I've been using this kernel (http://www.hackintoshosx.com/files/file/4254-bsa-1095-fx-rc1/) before and I decided to try Bronya's RC5_b. 


On the BSA kernel, I don't have to use -F chameleon flag. While on the Bronya kernel (using the included boot file as well), if I don't use -F, the system reboots automatically. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? thanks

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Hi Sinetek ! 
Opemu for 64 bit - fixed and graphics is correct in flash player and on desktop . 


But for 32 bit no fixed , problem graphic , green in video only up 10.8.5 ... )) 
In 10.9.5 no green in video . ))
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hi there, it's been a long time. Are there questions related to the Opemu, or improvements to it that could be done to help the project?


-- Sinetek

:w00t:  :thumbsup_anim:


woooh !! 


contant de te revoir Sinetek , j'espère que tu vas bien et que tu as atteint tes objectifs , comme dit Bronya les bug graphiques sont résorbés et fonctionne comme un charme :) .


moi , j'ai constaté que les cartes mères récentes AMD (UEFI) rencontrent des lenteurs sur l'interface graphiques depuis 10.9.2 jusqu'à Yosemite (toute version) pour palier à ce problème , nous utilisons des kexts antérieur à 10.9.2 (ACPIPlatform.kext et IOPCI.....) pour retrouver la fluidité vidéo , ces kext fonctionnent très bien même sur Yosemite mais de sérieux problèmes de kernelcache rentrent jeux qui entrainent des charges CPU au début de l'ouverture pendant un quinzaine de minute suivant les CPU :)


je ne sais pas si c'est directement lié au kernel ?


PS : Modo , Excusé mon Français :(  

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Hello there! I've decide to test 10.9.5 and it's successful! There is screenshot:

But I have a question, as you can see that in CPU-X is no 3 level cache, and also I look here:
And here 3 level cache is 24MB, should it be like that? Do I have to worry about it?

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bootloader ? 


Informations matériel :


  Nom du modèle : Mac Pro

  Identifiant du modèle : MacPro3,1

  Vitesse du processeur : 3,5 GHz

  Nombre de processeurs : 1

  Nombre total de cœurs : 8

  Cache de niveau 2 : 8 Mo

  Cache de niveau 3 : 8 Mo

  Mémoire : 8 Go

  Vitesse du bus : 800 MHz

  Version de la ROM de démarrage : MP31.006C.B05

  Version SMC (système) : 1.30f3

  UUID du matériel : 55ADE930-5FDF-5EC4-8429-15640684C489

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