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Installing Mac OS X 10.8 on my new HP DV6T-7000


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Hy my name is Darren or (shadyblue9o9) and before i go into what i need help with i will like to introduce myself, (skip to the part that says specs of my new HP laptop if you dont want to read this) i will be going to Texas A&M as a freshman this august! and i am studying to be a computer/mechanical engineer ;) ANYTHING about technology/science/math i unconditionaly love... always have and always will :) i am actually hoping on becoming a apple, sony or microsoft engineer... but my dream is to be the CEO of my own company :) already thought of the official name and every thing :P and i have lots of great ideas! and hopefully with new found knowledge in the future i can put them into action :) i guess that is all you need to know for now... so ON TO MY QUESTIONS/CONCERNS!! (lol, Yay... -_-)


I havent gotten my laptop yet, but i am preparing everything on my desktop pc for when i get it this friday :)


Specs of my new HP laptop

  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
  • • 3rd generation Intel® Core i7-3610QM Processor (2.3 GHz, 6MB L3 Cache)
  • • NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 650M Graphics with 1GB GDDR5 memory [HDMI, VGA]
  • • 8GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)

  • • 750GB 7200 rpm Hybrid Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection




  • • Intel 802.11b/g/n WLAN and Bluetooth®


Its basically the specs of a Macbook pro so the 10.8 should come stock with drivers for the most of the hardware...

i read some tutorials but i am a little sketchy as where to start, i want to be able to dual boot my windows and the latest and greatest mountain lion!

i have gotten mac os x to run on my intel core 2 duo desktop pc in vmware, but dual booting is completely different. I have dual booted ubuntu and windows 8 release preview on my desktop before but those where easy, no tech brain needed for 2 clicks and a wait :/

BUT! uninstalling windows 8 was the bad part because i ended up deleting my bootloader, but i managed to get it back.... Basically what i am saying!! is that i am pretty tech savy and can follow tutorials easily, and can probably fix a small error on my own...


i want to be able to install 10.8 fresh without any previous versions because my new laptop has the latest ivy bridge processor... and i dont want to run into problems with it not supporting it, what will i have to do?


i saw this tutorial but some parts i have a question about.... (obviously because i am a newb :S )

i know this is probably a dumb question but, when i install mac os x it will replace my windows bootloader with the mac one correct?

so when my computer restarts after installation it will automatically boot mac osx correct?

also, the chamelion bootloader (once installed) in the tutorial should replace the mac osx bootloader and provide a choice of windows or mac on next restart correct??

and lets say for some reason the mac bootloader is not installed, should i have a bootable cd with chamelion bootloader handy? (if that is even possible)


theres only onething i am afraid of, its when formatting the new partition that i created through windows in the mac installation, its because of this topic post on OSx86 forum http://www.osx86.net/10-7-lion/16688-install-lion-dv6t-quad-edition-7000-a.html

he has the exact laptop i am getting and he said it completely formatted the whole hardrive and joined both partitions,( windows one and blank one for mac) and i dont have a copy of windows 7...

what i am thinking is i will create a backup disk using my laptop in windows 7, but idk if it will reinstall all of my windows if there is nothing on the hardrive... Doesnt it use files on the windows partition to completely reinstall windows? or will it allow me to do a fresh install if something goes wrong and windows is completely deleted.


Thanks! i believe that is all of the questions and concerns that i have! Hope to hear at least some feedback!

oh, and i would have posted this in the notebook section, but i failed the second quiz by 2 questions -_-, and the second time i tried to google the two i knew i missed but when i came back for the second question it submitted itself :S i didnt know it was timed or had something that detected me being away from the page?? ... :(

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bad luck :/ i tried running Mac os x lion through vmware... but it wont start because it doesnt support Ivy bridge -_-

So!! i gotta find some other way to get it running through vmware :S

it all seems pretty easy! im just a little timid about losing my windows 7 partition :(

and does the latest Chameleon bootloader support ivy bridge?

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I managed to get Mac OS X ML running through vmware on my laptop... but i am unable to install vmware tools on it for some reason... keeps saying installation error :(

i need the vmware tools so that i can mount my USB to the vmware mac os x image and get started on dual booting mac os x ML and windows 7 :/


umm, just curious.... Does the Mac OSX ML Developer Preview 4 support ivy bridge cpus? Thanks!

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managed to copy Mac OSX ML and the required files to start formating my usb stick for installing mac OS X ML... but now i cannot mount my usb stick to the vmware image :/

I think its because i cannot install vwmare tools -_-

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Hey try using a different vmware software. There are many companies with vmware products like java and their Virtual Box. When you get it working you NEED Snow Leopard (w/ latest update (10.6.8)) in order to install ML. So when you put the SL file into your USB you need to patch your USB with a tool called, BridgeHelper. (Am not allowed to provide links as I will get banned.) This BridgeHelper tool will ensure you that your Hackintosh SL will run on your Ivy Bridge system. You can then continue with installing ML.




For the record, I haven't tested it out but I'm planning to get an Ivy Bridge laptop as well. (:

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The best thing you can do is use your VM to create a ML installer USB (use google, don't rely on crappy tools like bridge helper to do something as simple as copy and pasting a kernel..which you wont even have to do btw) and then install it to your HDD.


I would install ML to it's own separate hard drive if you can (you can disconnect your windows drive at this point if you want to be 100% sure no harm will come to it.)


Boot from the Installer USB

Partition as GUID HFS+ (Apple OS Extended Journaled).

Install ML


Boot from the USB again but this time select your new ML installation (not the installer as you did previously)

Install Chameleon to your HDD. Chameleon handles to boot process until Darwin can take over. Darwin cannot boot your installation by it's self as you do not have an EFI chip on your mother board.

Install any kexts you need (famesmc at a minimum) and patch dsdt to fix things like sleep, wake, power management.

Rebuild caches



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The only reason you need access to an installation of OS X to create the installer.

You can install ML without a previous version of OS X just as you can install Windows 7 without needing Windows Vista.

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Thanks guys :) if i had a external HDD i would use it... but sadly i dont :( and i cant really afford one right now either :/

i will try a different virtual machine software to see if i can mount my usb and get it ready for installing ML :)

i have managed to get the vmware tools software on the ML OS, it goes through the installation and then at the end it says it failed to install... im hoping! i may find a version of vmware tools that will work with ML, because it will be easier then getting a totally new VMsoftware and installing Mac OS X ML on it again -_-


thanks though! im glad i was able to get some replies to help me out :D

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i still cant mount my usb :S i might wait till the future when i can install ML without the need of a mac osx computer... i mean i have a freind with a mac... but he probably wont let me touch it... lol XD

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Ok! i was able to create the Bootable USB using my older computer... the USB is HOT and Ready for a ML install O_O






it goes through a line of text and freezes when reading





then it just displays a blinking _ at the bottom left of the screen :S




i attached the images to this post :)



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Hi shadyblue! I have the same laptop and I've been trying for days to get mountain lion dual booted. I first had it in vmware also with no success on vmware tools, but I've given up on that. And i also had a lot of trouble with the vmware recognizing my USB but i realized that it was because i had it in my USB 3.0 port and when i put it into the only 2.0 port it recognized :)


But then came trying to actually install onto my hard drive. I used ###### and it took awhile to figure out the boot commands but it worked with "-v GraphicsEnabler=No cpus=1" without the quotes. And that all brings me to the biggest problem which I still can't figure out. When you finally get into the installer and get all excited. You go to Disk Utility and realize the installer doesn't detect your hard drive at all -___- so that is where I am. If you have any solutions that would be wonderful.

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sorry it took so long for me to reply! i was at fish camp for Texas A&M...

did you go with the hybrid hard drive? because that is what i have, and if you have the hybrid it could be that exact reason... but dont take my word for it... im a noob in the mac world... hopefully someone more experienced can tell us why...

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"check if your bios is config ok, and put this two kexts in your Extra/Extensions zip.gif SATA IDE.zip 21.64K 0 downloads




6. Go back (ESC), go to Power Management

7. Set the ACPI Suspend Type to S3(STR)

8. Set HPET Mode to 64-bit mode

9. Save and Exit, by pressing F10"
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hey if its a hybrid with the tiny ssd you have to take out the windows hdd and put in a blank one or a sata 2 hdd from another laptop then you when you turn the computer on it will bring up a prompt to edit the raid settings. and there you would just delete the raid stripe and reboot itll come up again and disable the intel rapid start technology in bios and in the raid screen then you turn it off and put your old hdd back in and you should be able to boot into osx installer. im trying to get it going on my envy 4 1130us. so ill help as much as i can.

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