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A few issues with GA M55 S3G PLUS installation


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I have a Hackintosh using the only distro (Zepheroth Rev.2) that will work with my board and graphics card.



My Issues:


I would like my graphics card ( eVGA GTS 250 512MB) card to work full under 10.5.2 so I tryed installing NVEnabler , NVInject but no change unless I manually open the .plist file and type


<key>Graphics Mode</key>






ok . So I do more and more research and people are saying manually update the DSDT.aml.


I do that and change everything compile it and it gives 0Errors. Then I place it at "/" and reboot....


After reboot I pull the DSDT.aml again and it didn't update it with the one I put in "/" .





For some strange reason I have an older monitor and the card will go to 1680x???? when I type in the EFI String.


The monitor I want it to work on is an LG FLATRON W2361V and it will only change to 1280x1024 when I do the EFI String.



I just did some advice ... what is it that I am missing? :wallbash:

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Update I was able to get three different cards working under SL but they had the same issues so I got three different AMD Motherboards and that didn't fix the issue either.


The issue after I got the cards installed were Laggy Interface and Mouse that Jumps all around the screen when you barely move the thing.


I now have Dual Core Intel machine and that problem never cropped up ! Running SL 10.6.7



Graphics Cards : 8800gt , GTS 250 , 7950gt and for kicks I tried 8400gs


Motherboards I tryed each card on.


EP-9NPA + Ultra amd athlon x2 4200 laggy mouse and display issue

Gigabyte GA-M55 Plus athlon x2 5600+laggy mouse and display issue

MSI 890FXA-GD65 phenom x6 1090Tlaggy mouse and display issue




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