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Mountain Lion installed by myHack

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So here are the specs

Core 2 Duo


Geforce 210 Silent




I installed using myHack and then booted up using the USB and chose the partition I had installed it on.It opened and then I opened

myHack and Selected install Chameleon. Now I was dual booting Win7 and Mountain Lion.Now I get two option while boot-up

Windows 7 Home Premium and NST Mac OSX (I used EasyBCD).The partition scheme is MBR and it works. When I select NST Mac OSX

Chameleon opens up and when I select my Partition on which I installed it just reboots. But I can boot that partition from my installation USB.

Audio and Graphics are working OOB. I tried this guide


But when I reach the command "print" I cant see my HFS+ partition



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I think I had the same problem, myHack Chamaleon rebooted the machine. What I did was boot OS X using the USB bootloader, download the standalone Chimera application and run it to update the partition boot sector. Not sure it'll work for you, but you could give it a try.

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u need to make windows as ur prim os then open easybcd and delete any booting option other than window ,then boot back to ur ML with the usb and install the chimera again ,it should fix ur prob but from personal exp with the new myhack ,the included chimera dont get properly installed unless u booted into sl or lion and installed it to ML driver.


anyway if the myhack didnt work for u or u dont have another installed mac os ,get this Chameleon_2.1svn_r1820_trunk_10.8 and install it to ur ML driver ,it should work just fine.

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