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Patching the app-like Installer

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There are tons of guides on the Internet that explain how to patch BaseSystem.dmg, restore it to an external drive and boot from it. But since I don't own such a drive (and my BIOS is fighting with Chameleon so I can't boot from an external hard drive partition) I'm trying to patch the Mac OS X Install ESD.dmg file so that I can upgrade to Mountain Lion from the Lion system on which I'm writing this post. My HD is MBR partitioned, so I unpackaged everything, placed the kexts, replaced OSInstall.mpkg in the Packages folder (without moving it into BaseSystem.dmg) and OSInstall in the Install.framework (that actually is in BaseSystem.dmg), and repacked it all. Still the installer is complaining about non-GPT partition table; I googled around, and it seems BaseSystem.dmg shouldn't be involved in the installation when you're not booting from it (and I'm not), but yet there must be an OSInstall somewhere in the ESD dmg the Installer refers to.

Where is it? Or, if you know some other way, how do I patch the app-like installer properly?

Thanks in advance.

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If you have a spare partition you could install it directly there from within Lion by using the OSInstall.mpkg from Packages.


Or on the same partition via Pacifist from charlessoft. But this may crash towards the end... GUID is required for a good reason.

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I'd actually rather packing a working installer. Ok, if I would do this by USB external drive, is there any reason why other computers when booting from it load Chameleon properly, mine only keeps printing on black screen this:

boot0: test
boot0: done
boot0: test
boot0: done
boot0: test
boot0: done

Mobo is an MSI MS-7613.

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