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how many times can i download ML

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i bougth from the app store wenesday night ML app and get an error, thursday again and friday i downloaded but when was almost finished an error occours in the app store and send messange the download can not complete (OSX 10.8), then after 6 minutes

launchpad shows a bar getting full and appear the screen of the installer OSX 10.8.

so, i use inmediately ****** and create the instaler for my hackintosh.


after that i could install ml but the performance is not good, its getting a minute to get login screen and some little issues,

so for that reason i decide to download via torrent Mountain Lion GM.

my question is thas if this action is bad or good.

i remember i Bought OSX 10.8 from the app but always get error downloading , i try 3 times and dont want to get again in appstore to download osx 10.8.


my system is core i3 2100


6GB ddr3

500GB HD

GPU Geforce 210 512 mb y Geforce GT520 1gb

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