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ATI 5450 w/ Mountain Lion. No sound through HDMI.


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I know this may seem like an obtuse place to put this-

but since the sound is coming through the HDMI, and thus through the graphics card, I'm a bit stumped. To make matters weirder, I am unable to watch video files on my computer unless I install the voodoohda .2.56 or .2.61 kexts- though they don't allow me to hear anything, either. I've looked everywhere for an answer to this so I thought I would try here.



750 gb hdd

8 gb ram

core i3

ati 5450 hd


I should mention that I have onboard audio and a soundblaster audigy card on the board but neither of these are being detected either so I am focusing on the HDMI as this would be my preferred means.


When OSX first loads it recognizes the graphics card right away, though since I was convinced this was an issue of the graphics card I tried changing it to the 5400 instead of the 5450 series with no change at all. Please help as I'm totally confused.

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i have the same card , but how you get qe/ci working? i can watch video with audio but cannot get qe/ci


All you have to do to get the QE/CI and Dual Video through HDMI/DVI is to add your device id to the info.plist of ATI5000Controller.kext,ATIRadeonX3000.kext .


1. They are found in /System/Library/Extensions

2. Take them to desktop,right click->show package contents -> edit info.plist -> add your device id to <key>IOPCIMatch</key>

3. Install the kexts using kext utility.


Test the video, use dvd player and chess.


If you have grained screen or no dual monitor ,


Boot with:

AtiConfig=Shrike for VGA, HDMI for some pc.

AtiConfig=Eulemur for LVDS (internal display) for some pc.

AtiConfig=Hoolock for VGA, LVDS mirror for some pc.

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