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P6TD Deluxe / M Lion Ok but slow boot

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I want to thank you too eep357, now my Asus P6T (Vanilla) boots from 2mins to 34secs.....Now I know how people can boot ML within 6secs with SSD.....

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wanna go faster? grab Chameleon Wizard and change settings in the boot.plist to disable chameleon's gui altogether (GUI=No) with quiet boot and verbose enabled, set your ML partition as the primary and use kernel cache. Basically make it so not one single graphic or picture shows until you get to the desktop, this greatly speeds up the first half of the boot which would be after picking the volume to boot from, but before chameleon hands off to OSX. For whatever reason having a GUI slows this down quite a lot. Once disabled, with SSD, blink twice and your at the desktop. Takes my bios way longer to post than it does for ML to boot. Add in USBBusFix=Yes for improved GPU fps and a slight performance boost all around. Using a text editor it would look like this:


<key>Default Partition</key>
<key>Kernel Flags</key>
<key>Quiet Boot</key>

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Is the USBBusFix specifically for this motherboard or is this useful for other boards too?


And how about that appleacpi kext? Is that mainboard specific?

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