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hp mini troubles

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Hi, i've been doing this hackintosh for a while but i just can't seem to do it right...i'm reallly not very experienced at this hardware thing either. so could someone please list some steps to getting ideneb 1.3 on a flash drive to boot from...i did it once but then it said HFS+ partition error! so could someone please help...thanks in advance :help::king:

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Well first off, a simple google search will help you alot. There a bunch of tutorials on iDeneb v1.3. You probably did not initially partition the drive correctly. Id wipe the drive completely clean then use the restore tab in Disk Utility to then restore the iDeneb Partition to the Flash drive.


You could also go the Terminal route. I feel safer doing this anyways since it overwrites the entire drive all nice and clean like.


After formatting drive >


Open Terminal

> use command sudo su

> As sudoer type : diskutil list

> Note the disk your system has registered your usb as (you'll need that later)

> Heres the syntax dd if=/path/to/file of=/dev/disk*


Here lets make it easy


> Type

dd if=

Then drag the iso with iDeneb v1.3 over into terminal (The system should automatically add a space)

> type




then path to disk i told you to save earlier


(also a side note* make sure you have the right disk or you will totally nuke that drive XD)


It will take a while and it wont display much during this time. So be patient go have a snack or something hah. It will take a long time. Once its done, its done and the usb drive will be remounted to the system with iDeneb v1.3 successfully written to it.


I prefer the terminal way because i feel safer doing so, since well I like command line alot more, plus it does a full overwrite of the drive in question and since iDeneb generally comes in an ISO you dont have a problem verifying said iso in Disk Utility Gui.


Hope that helps some!

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