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Win 7 / SL dual boot: Chameleon Problem

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So, heres the situation:

I got 2 HDDs in my Laptop, one houses Windows 7 and is in secondary HDD bay. The other one houses Snow Leopard and a NTFS data partition.

Before installing OS X I had to convert the primary disk cause it was MBR-partitioned. Therefore I copied all files to the other disk and deleted the single partition that was on it.

Then I fired up OS X Snow Leopard installer using Nawcoms ModCD, created a small partition on the disk and installed into it. Chameleon was also installed. All was running fine.

Then I used the remaining disk space to create a new NTFS data partition and assigned drive letters to both it and the OS X partition (using apple HFS driver from bootcamp).


Since I did that Chameleon refuses to work. When booting the Laptop from HDD all I get is this:

boot0: GPT

boot0: testing

boot0: error


When booting Nawcoms ModCD I can start Windows 7 with it, but not Snow Leopard. Trying to do so only gives me a blinking underscore on the screen.


I cannot boot windows directly because my Laptop automatically boots from HDD in primary bay with no way to choose, unless there is no disk in primary bay.


Is there a way to repair/reinstall Chameleon without having to reinstall OS X?

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