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OSX 10.5.8 w/ two nVidia cards


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It seems these days that the best Mac expertise isn't in any Apple forums, but in the hackint0sh community. I have an issue with an OEM Mac Pro that I believe fits perfectly in this forum. I spent hours researching insanelymac and elsewhere and would appreciate a bit of guidance:


OSX 10.5.8 boot partition moved from a Mac Pro 1,1 to a Mac Pro 4,1

The old Mac had ATI Radeon XT1900

The new Mac has nVidia GT120 and Quadro FX4800. The GT120 drives dual monitors, the FX4800 is there solely for CUDA computations.

  • First, the partition would freeze during boot, at the gray spinning wheel. If I tried to boot in Safe mode I got a KP. The main culprit from the panic logs was NVDAResman.
  • I moved NVDAResman out of S/L/Extensions, and was able to boot, with only one monitor being recognized.
  • I installed nVidia retail drivers 18.5.2f16 + CUDA, and was able to boot w/ dual screens - but the menu bar is black, one screen runs at 2fps, and I get corruption in some system windows (garbled). I tried clearing boot & extension caches, didn't help.


The reason I want the above sw/hw configuration to work is that everything works fine in my other SL partitions - I need this 10.5.8 for legacy purposes, for a limited time. In a couple of months I hope to scrap everything and move to Lion/ML.

  1. Is the above OSX + hardware combination supposed to work in the first place?
  2. How do I figure out if it's the GT120 or the FX4800 that's causing the problem (ok I can pull it out and see :-) but wondered if there's a software way)?
  3. Any ideas how to fix it? Something between nVidia's kexts, boot.plist, com.apple.PCIE? I'm just not familiar enough with those frameworks. Should I install Chameleon on my OEM Mac?
  4. Is there an easy way to disable the FX4800 altogether in this partition (and would it help)? I could live without its functionality.


GeForce GT120 ven 0x10de devid 0x0640

Quadro FX4800 ven 0x10de devid 0x05fe



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Looks like the issue was just a driver for an AJA Kona video card that I also have in the machine. The vanilla version of the driver registers as a GPU and that causes problems. Things worked once I unsintalled the driver and installed AJA's NDD driver instead.

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