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Mountain Lion no HDDs available

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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to install Mountain Lion on my Notebooks 250 GB HDD...

Lion works perfectly with it... Today I wanted to try out Moutain Lion and I'm able to boot the Moutain Lion Flash Drive, but it shows me no installable HDDs in my System.

Could you please help me?


Thank you.

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Already tried it... only the flash drive of the mountain lion installer shows up there...

Diskutil list also shows only 1 Drive.

I even tried it to turn AHCI off but it's the same result.

Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion worked perfectly on that Notebook, but Mountain Lion could it require some special kexts or so?


My Method was to restore the DMG to the flash drive and then install the needed kexts and bootloader with the kextinstaller

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