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"window streaking" problem

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Hi there,

I'm really not sure how to describe my problem. I am on 10.5.5 (Yeah, I know. Old. I'm on old hardware :P). So I got everything installed, and everything looks good. I boot up the system for the first time, and Quartz Extreme is enabled! Thats wonderful to me. So I open a finder window, move it... and then it "streaks" everywhere. I have attatched a picture.


Here's my specs:

IBM ThinkCentre 8416-KUG (Old)

DVD-ROM drive

BFG nVidia 8400 GS PCI 512MB DDR2 Device ID: 0x06e4 Revision ID: 0x00a1 (Using VGA)

Leopard 10.5.5 iDeneb with NVinject 0.2.1

HP S2031 Monitor

Pentium 4 Processor (DIdn't think it would work, but it did!)

AC97 Audio


When I boot with integrated graphics, I don't have this problem. The problem with that is, there are no kexts for it. I am running an extremely old integrated GPU that isn't even supported. I also don't have this problem booting with -x on the boot prompt.


Any suggestions?




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Have you tried Windex? Works pretty good to stop streaking on windows. Maybe try using chameleon graphics enabler instead of nvenabler (assuming it's backwards compatible) but def some old hardware and software dude :) Check kexts info.plist for dev ID as well

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Haha, nice joke with the Windex. As for the Chameleon Graphics Enabler, how would I install that and so on? I'm somewhat new to all of this. I only used NVinject because it was an installation option in iDeneb. Thanks! :)

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Enoch-rev.2003.pkg.zip It's a package installer so should be easy. I haven't ran Leopard in years so I can't say for sure it's backward compatible, but see no reason it wouldn't be. If you currently have an /Extra folder and inside a com.apple.boot.plist which has your boot configuration in it, this file would be replaced by org.chameleon.Boot.plist which functions the same. Nvinject would need to be removed, and then for chameleon's graphics enabler, when you get the the boot prompt to choose startup volume, you can run it by typing:




To permanently enable it so you don't have to type it every boot, you would add this code to the org.chameleon.Boot.plist


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