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Comprehensive guide to installing OSX Lion (iATKOS L2) on Asus 1015px

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Hi Guys,


After much research and many attempts I have successfully installed OSX Lion L2 on my ASUS 1015px. I have everything working properly besides the wifi as the Broadcom BCM4313 is not supported however, I have alternatives down below if Wifi is a must.



Let's begin !



iATKOS L2 .dmg

Chimera 1.10.0.pkg

Ethernet kext http://www.osx86.net...d0e3c5926d1f010

Kext Wizard

Synaptic Gesture package (http://www.osx86.net..._ps2_32-64.html)


For Windows preparation of Boot drive :

VMWARE Workstation 8.0




Two Thumb Drives : 8GB + and anysize (optional , for transferring packages etc on)

External USB mouse (for installation use)




USB Boot drive



The first step is to prepare the USB boot drive. This can be done via windows or mac.





This method should only be used if you have ZERO access to a mac , if you do please proceed to 'Mac' section.

Note: There are probably is an easier method to do this through the use of an application called 'Transmac' but this is the method I used.


What we want to do is effectively create a bootable USB installer. As we need to use the 'Disk Utility' within mac to do this we need to use virtualisation on our windows PC to achieve this.


Here are videos of tutorials on how to do create a working VMware OSX lion




Please note : If you are having trouble booting the virtual machine and are stuck on the apple logo. Run the 'unlocker' from here : as admin

http://extabit.com/f...ck-all-v110.zip . And check that in the virtual machine settings > Options that the version is Mac OSX 10.7 64bit.


Now it's time to proceed to preparing the drive (8GB+)





Now your inside your virtual mac or mac, it's time to prepare the drive.


Copy your iATKOS.dmg to the desktop of the mac.


and follow this guide of preparing the drive




Instead of using the boot loader the man suggests download Chimera 1.10.0.pkg and install it onto your drive.


Troubleshooting: If you get messages saying 'the drive is busy' double-click the .dmg on your desktop. This will open the .dmg and mount it as a CD. Then drag the 'iATKOS ' Cd icon on to the source box.


Now you should be able to boot from the drive.


Booting from the drive


When you start your 1015px press F2 a few times and you should enter the BIOS.

When in the BIOS , go to the boot section > Boot Priority and select removable storage as 1st. Now press F10 and y to save and exit.

The netbook should now reboot. Insert your drive and now it should boot onto the drive.

You should see a greyish screen with a little apple logo with iATKOS below it. Now type mach_atom and press enter

You should see an apple logo and after a while a spinning loading bar sort of thing.




Now you are in the installation utility. Press ok/agree until you reach a screen which give you an option of two drives, your USB with the iATKOS and your internal hard disk. Now go to the top menu and enter the disk utility.Click on your drive and click partition and erase to NFS+ and pick Guid Partition Table in partition options. Now erase the drive and you're set to go. Now exit Disk utility and you should see customize on the bottom left hand side.


This part is the most important part of the entire installation and it must be done correctly:



Bootloader : Chameleon 2.1

Bootloader options: Graphics Enabler , PCI Root 1 , 32-bit, Built in Ethernet

Patches : Fake SMC, RTC (32 Bit only), Evoreboot , IOPCI Family

Modified Kernel: Atom Kernel

Drivers: Main Hardware > SATA/IDE , AHCI-SATA

Sound > VoodooHDA v2.2


Hardware Sensors

Laptop Battery



now press install and wait. When it finishes it will reboot. Now REMOVE your thumb drive.


Post Install


Now you've installed it let it boot and you should see a screen that's similar to the one that your usb gave you. It should boot into OSX automatically. Once you're inside there are few things you need to do to get stuff to work.


Download Kext Wizard and place your ethernet kext on the desktop and run Kext Wizard

Now run the Trackpad-Synaptic-Gesture (http://www.osx86.net..._ps2_32-64.html) and under system config > Track pads you should be able to enable your trackpad.

Reboot and now you should have ethernet internet connection.


Wifi doesn't work as the broadcom 4313 is not supported. However I purchased http://www.ebay.com/...9#ht_2370wt_250 as a replacement.



If you have any questions please post a reply as I may have left something out.

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After a simple search through the forum and google, this wifi card still isn't supported. Swap it out for a different mini-pcie card that is supported.



InsanelyMac Netbook Moderator

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