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Marta Reis

Bootloader for Z68X-UD3H-B3

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Hi Guys,


I spent a good part of my time reading the info and tips here in the forum and I'm really confused right know. I'm a newbie and I think it will take a wile until I fully understand the hackintosh process.


I need a dual boot with win7 and MacOs.



So , I have several questions...

  • Which bootloader should I use for the motherboard I'm using;

  • Or which DSDT should I install after;

  • If all my peripheralls are going to work and which erros should I espect;

  • If my graphic card will be fully functional, with dual monitor and Cuda Mercury Engine for CS6 and DaVinci;

  • Will the system be more stable with Lion or Snow Leopard? In my Mac Pro I choosed not to upload to Lion;

  • Would you recomend any specific method taking in consideration the components I'm using?

Thx ;)



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Bootloader: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=231075&st=0

Try creating a USB installer... use Lion the newer the better support considering what your hardware is. (10.7.0 goto to combo update 10.7.4 [GTX560 support] target install if your already on a Mac and doing the install to external disk using OS X)


If you access to a Mac/VM/hackintosh you can save yourself a lot of time.


Collect all your pieces (kext's, SMbios, org.chameleon.Boot.plist, and get the tools then you can install with ease.


Chameleon Wizard



Kext Wizard



Will add image of USB BOOT loader but there's more than enough methods here @ insanelymac


Play and look through your tools they have a lot of use and will help out, keep trying you will get it!

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Thanks for the help.


What about dual boot? Can you give any advice or link to information on any recommended method?

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My first thought was to use the caviar black as a system disk for a dual boot, then a 3TB seagate as a media drive and another one for backup. So yes, just one drive for the dual boot.


If I can avoid problems installing both operating systems in separete drives I obviously do that but I dont know if there's any sata port left.


I've read about pros/cons...


Separate drives cut down on the complexity level IMO. Downside is that you have to select the boot drive from the BIOS, which is clunky, but the upside is you won't have to spend a lot of time fixing the boot record/active drive/etc. after you do an OS upgrade or change your bootloader. Separate drives take that out of the equation.


And besides, hard drives are dirt cheap.

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