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Acer Aspier One 722 amd c60 Iatkos s3v2 install

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Snow Leopard confirmed installation on Acer Aspire One 722 with iatkos amd c60 s3v2

boot flags Busratio=8 -v

Pre install

kernel - first of the list

Echi controller

Ati - enable all

Usb - enable all


warning! dont turn on vooodooo.p-state, this cause work cpu at 4ghz


Ethernet ok

With Atheros L1 ketx of IATS for Snow Leopard http://code.google.com/p/iats/


ps2 touchpad ok

Do not install ps2 in the pre installation and a kybrd/mouse usb complete the installation. if it does not boot corect , boot with -x -f and then install the ketx of voodootouchpad and voodoops2 search http://www.osx86.net/


ATI 6290 ok

fails to change the resolution and works with darwin injector ketx detected as 48xx and 4890.




Audio - ok but external speaker not work, only minijack conect ok



webcam - not working


ssd card reader - not working


wireles network card - does not work!

Atheros is a ar5b125 ID168c - 0032

Bakrack Wifiway and detected as an ar9485 the guess its chips will be compatible


Can anyone help me with the wireless card, or resolution of ATI?

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Same problem with screen flicker :/


NVM, okay when followed the steps you posted during install (customization option in the installer where you select HDD to install to).


Annoying having to use the external keyboard/mouse though. No QE/CI still. No audio, no wifi. Will edit post if solutions found.

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