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[Networking] LAN doesn't want to connect with Gateway 510x

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I recently made a snow leopard installation using iAtkos s3 v2 on a Gateway 510x desktop computer. See the forum post Here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=280065


The system seems to run perfectly fine after I found a way to iron out the frequent kernel panics, but one issue remains, which is LAN.


For this particular installation most things are not necessary for the purpose I intend to use this system for such as sound, graphics acceleration, etc. but networking capability is an absolute must.




What is interesting is that the LAN is detected natively by Snow Leopard (Intel 82562 EZ) But it seems to detect it as another kind (Intel 82557). This could be the attributing factor of the problem.


The ethernet connection shows up in network preferences. When I connect Ethernet into the port, however, it either does not detect it at all or it stays yellow and does not receive an IP address. On the router side, it does not detect any devices other than my main system.


I have attempted to install an enabler kext for the Ethernet but I am still not able to connect. It actually makes the problem worse by detecting the same port twice (once natively and the other with the installed kext) and having them conflict in the network settings.


If anyone knows how to remedy this problem and allow it to fully connect, please assist me.

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Just as an update, I forwent all the LAN problems and bough a usb LAN connector off of ebay for $6. Works perfectly.

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