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I have lost my partition but i can boot it? (solved)

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Hey all i have this pain in the ass problem, its called me last year. I didnt know a lot about partitions so i think i installed ubuntu to test it on a tiny partition using wubi.exe.


my problem is that whatever i did, now i want to split my ubuntu partition and my windows partition in half, which would be straight forward, but i can only see ntfs and unalocated space, this shows up in both Disk management and gparted. where the hell is my ext4?


What i want to do is remove ubuntu and repartition it properly.




The answer was in the wording, i looked at wubi and noticed it said install inside windows not alongside (hense no partition) despite this wierd and what i thought to be imposible way of installing Os's i knew that it ubuntu must exist at the root of the drive. C: so i just deleted it. i can be quite dense sometimes, I did like the lack of grub wich i find anoying. i just want to use Mbr but i supose i can look at chemelion as i know how it works. not sure if theres a pc version or installer? i willl have a look around.


Face palm, sorry guys.

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Grub does use the MBR.

I don't know why you want to use chameleon to install Linux, it doesn't make sense.

Just install your fav distro with Grub. You could also use Lilo, some distributions still offer it as an option, but personally I don't find it a great idea.

Then use Grub to boot into Windows. Unless you are still using XP, you can install EasyBCD.

Configure it (it is very easy).

Now your bootloader is EasyBCD.

It will let you choose from a boot menu: Windows, Linux, OS X...

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u can use easybcd2 with windows xp .

1: copy the boot (folder) and bootmgr to c:\ of xp

2: install .net for xp and install easybcd 2.1

3: load bcd from c:\boot (from the file menu.. ignore warning bla bla)

4: reset bcd from backup/repair button (so it wipes all BCD entries from cd or usb u copied from)

5: write Win7 MBR from BCD deployment button

6: now add xp.. and any others.


done it on many xp pc's


u can restore XP boot sector with easybcd also

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well its all fine now i got used to grub and now use linux mint because its the best thing sinse sliced bread! i wish i could get more of my games on wine though and some of my industry standard software wich im very used to doesnt run so im stuck on windows partition for that :(. yes there are altenatives but i want to remain on adobe CS because its expected you know this sort of software in my field of work, the more time i spend on inkscape or gimp, the more i forget on Adobe stuff lol.


thank you both again and i think i was being a little stupid on that day.

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